Why outsourcing makes sense for industry associations

05 Apr 2016 10:13 AM | ONZL Team

All organisations, public or private are constrained by resourcing. This means most organisations are constantly prioritising issues which often results in hasty, short term resourcing decisions.

Just like any other business, industry associations need the same range of skills and resources. The problem however is that they often require small amounts of a wide range of skills, on an ad hoc basis. For this reason, it’s simply not cost effective for associations to hire a raft of part time staff or invest in a full office infrastructure.

Relying on an individual means you have no cover in the event they are unwell or on leave, and when they leave, much of the organisations history leaves with them.

This is where an embedded outsourcing model can help. Embedded outsourcing shares the costs and resources, leaving the hiring and management of resources to someone else while you focus on core functions. It also provides the organisation with resilience and longevity.

Imagine having a team that can answer the phone as your organisation, as well as dealing with your members and stakeholders inquiries? Embedded outsourcing lets you delegate your work load, overcome seasonal workflow, control your operating costs and lower infrastructure investments.

In short, you are engaging a dedicated team with the expertise you need, when you need it. Whether its Board secretariat services, membership management, finance or office support, embedded outsourcing is an attractive and viable alternative.

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